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Campspot is the largest online marketplace for RV resorts, family campgrounds, cabins, and more, providing access to 100,000+ campsites across the United States and Canada. Campspot provides an intuitive easy-to-navigate guest booking experience that returns relevant and easy-to-modify searches, making planning your next camping trip seamless.

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The Thousand Trails Difference

Since 1969, Thousand Trails has welcomed generations of families at campgrounds across the country. Thousand Trails is one of the largest networks of RV resorts and campgrounds in North America, with over 80 locations in 23 states and British Columbia. 

We combine the beauty and relaxing atmosphere of a scenic nature preserve with the resort-style amenities and fun events and activities for the whole family to enjoy. Our resorts and campgrounds are enjoyed by members and non-members alike. Check out our Membership Options to learn more.

RV Camping At 3463+ Wineries, Breweries, Farms, and More!

A membership program that invites self-contained RVers to have unique overnight stays. Wineries, farms, breweries, museums, and more

Enjoy unlimited overnight stays at over 3463+ incredible locations (including 414+ golf courses) across North America! 

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Boondockers Welcome

Offering over 2973+ host locations worldwide.

Locals invite travelers to spend the night, share their stories, and save their money for the real adventure. Boondockers Welcome currently offers 2973+ incredible Hosts across the US and Canada, offering great places to stay wherever you go in North America!

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The Escapees RV Club

The Escapees RV Club is dedicated to supporting your RV lifestyle with everything you need to make it easier, more affordable, safer, and–most important of all–fun!

One of the largest and longest-running RV membership organizations, they offer mail forwarding, domicile assistance, and an extensive array of support services and partner discounts to help make your RV lifestyle worry-free, affordable, and–most importantly–fun. Many events are hosted throughout the year to bring members together to build your community, including Hangouts, Escapade, Convergences, HOPs, and Chapter and Bird of a Feather (BOF) gatherings.

Xscapers Include Families Too!

The lifestyle group Xscapers has events and resources that appeal to working-age RVers. Seasonal and full-time RVers will find that Escapees is the only club dedicated to serving their needs

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Nomad Internet was built for rural and traveling RV families alike! With no contracts, no data caps, and the lowest membership fees around, Nomad Internet is an affordable and reliable way to stay connected on the road!

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Dr. Kristi Corder

Life | Health | Happiness


Dr. Kristi Corder is a TX licensed chiropractor and student homeopath who offers virtual health consults for a variety of acute and chronic health conditions. All consults are done via Zoom video conferencing or phone. She has experience working with all age groups and conditions such as musculoskeletal complaints, skin conditions, hormone issues, mental health conditions, food & seasonal allergies, gut issues, cardiovascular conditions, neurological issues, and more. She also holds homeopathy classes for beginners and enjoys teaching others how to live healthier, happier lives. Mention the RV Family Summit when requesting a consult and get $20 off your initial consult.

Air Skirts: Inflatable RV Skirting Made For Full-time RVers!

Founded in January 2020, AirSkirts’ mission is to create the most reliable, cost-effective, and innovative solutions to RV living in varied and extreme climates. Pre-order your inflatable Airskirts for this fall and winter to save up to 20%! 

It's the best way to save a ton on AirSkirts. Pre-order AirSkirts now to save up to 20%. Your order will be delivered by October 15th and can be canceled anytime prior to shipping.

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Fulltime Families strives to provide education for these families as they jump into the world of RVing. We also provide opportunities for families on the road to make deep and meaningful connections.

This is all done through incredibly active members only Facebook groups, events of all kinds, clubs for the kids, and smaller, more specialized communities called “branches”

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A Beginner's Guide to Workamping

Year after year, hundreds of people flood the streets in an attempt to live in an RV and travel full-time.

Many are met with the biggest roadblock of them all - how to sustain their travels with reliable income. The alternative lifestyle of Workamping, solves that question for RVers who need to make money while the travel. All you have to do is learn how to do it, what to look out for and who is hiring! Click here. 


Learn all About Workamping from the comfort of your home... or your home on wheels!

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This e-course is designed as a series of PDF files containing the course information for that day. Simply download the PDF, complete any homework assigned for the day, then mull it all over until the next day. You can complete your course in 7 days, or just go through it at your leisure and take as much time as you need!

Protect Your Adventures

The bad news? RV breakdowns happen, and when they do, they’ll cost you! The good news? You can protect yourself with RV warranty coverage from Wholesale Warranties

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