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America & Shalene

America & Shalene

RV Family of 4 + 2 dogs living/Work Camping/Traveling the U.S. in a 5th Wheel!

2 Moms and a Trailer

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The transition to full-time RV life for us was quite a "shock" and wasn't exactly planned. But as we all know, most of life's greatest adventures aren't planned; and sometimes we just have to roll with it [literally].

When life took an unexpected turn for us from working the 9 to 5 in Emergency Medicine, being homeowners and moms from a young age; we had to make a choice. Either we fall, or rise up and choose a new path. It was terrifying to let go of everything we had ever known, for the unknown of RV life; but not once have we regretted our decision.

Matter of fact, our first adventure was an epic road trip through 18 states on our way to Kentucky from our home state of California. There we worked our first work camping job and fell in love with being nomads.

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