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The Runaway Parents Lis, her husband Jason and 4 of her 6 kids have been traveling in their RV full time, since 2018. After years of the rat race, they decided to “run away from normal” and reset their life to focus more on each other.

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Lis has been a life long RV’er. Her grandparents own a campground in upstate NY and she spent every summer of her childhood enjoying the freedom that RVing brought.

As an adult, every available vacation time, was spent traveling in their class c. Being self employed provided an opportunity for them to discuss the possibility of traveling in the summer months, together as a family. They plan was to RV full time as soon as all of the kids had left home

In early 2018, after a series of life events that had her questioning her future and what she wanted for her family, they decided to run away. They realized they could take the kids with them and what an amazing opportunity that would give them to see everything they were learning from a text book... in person.

So 6 months later, after selling their home and most of everything they owned, they hit the road. Never looking back and forever grateful for the chance they took.

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