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Gary & Nicole

@solovedlife, So Loved Life We are Solovedlife! A Full time RV family currently workcamping in the Florida Keys!

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Hi there! We’re the Kennedys....Gary, Nicole, Amali (11), Abbi (9), JR (6), Gavin (3) and Avail (4months). In pursuit of a more intentional and intimate relationship in our marriage and family, we went on a three month adventure across the US in our 30ft Travel Trailer along with our enormous boxers and about 1/3 of our stuff. Welllll after three months, we kind of got hooked on travelling and after much (like a whole whole lot of) debate decided to go all in! After 12 months on the road....We sold our house and decided to travel full time in our trailer! Which pretty much means we traded our house on land for a house on wheels. 😂 And with that the world became our back yard!

Here’s what we’re looking to gain from what we’re doing....Hearts that are radically pursuant of what’s most important....Gods heart for our lives together!

We absolutely love Jesus and hope to share how good He’s been to us in our marriage, parenting and daily doings! We hope you’ll come along with us to experience life in high definition by learning to let go of the distractions and grabbing hold of what's important!

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