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Molly Garcia

@weplusthreee, WePlusThreee Family of 5 traveling in their renovated 5th wheel since 2019

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Molly and Jaren Garcia have 3 kids; Lillie (13), Jaxton (9) and Willow (4) have been traveling fulltime for 3 years.

They started this RV lifestyle to be together as a family; since Jaren was working out of state for 6 months. Once they figured out that being together as a family was more important than living the American Dream apart. The RV lifestyle was what allowed them to be together again.

They have renovated their 5th wheel to make it their home. Their kids learn through unschooling/roadschooling. This is by giving them more of a real life learning experience and by taking as many “field trips” as possible while on the road. Learning should continue even after you graduate school which they hope their kids find a love of learning through this life style.

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