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Jen & Jerome Braga

@Our1Chance, The Bragas are a family of 4, adventuring full time since December 2014 in their customized 42ft fifth wheel. Their RV boasts a huge kitchen to accommodate all the clean cooking required to live allergy-free. In addition, their professional photography and videography support their lifestyle by creating content specifically for RV industry brands, suppliers, agencies and media.

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When life hit them with several close friends' tragedies, the Bragas knew they needed to live a more fulfilled life. So, with snowcapped mountains and warm sandy beaches on their mind, the Bragas hit the road in 2015 with a bucket list dream of experiencing a cross-country road trip. They never thought that what they assumed would be their 1 Chance to experience such a life-changing journey would turn into a life mission. 


They began vacationing in an RV in 2013 as an opportunity to get out and explore while keeping their environment safe from deadly food allergies that plague their youngest daughter Shayla. With weekend getaways filling their hearts and building their confidence, they set their sights on a cross-country journey that would take them from Connecticut to California and back.  


What started as a simple winter getaway has turned into a seven-year journey that keeps getting more fulfilling at every passing exit ramp. With over 110,000 towing miles logged, the Bragas have experienced the highest of highs and the lowest of lows that come with RV living.

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