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@redwhiteandbethune, Red, White, & Bethune We are a family of 5, with 4 dogs,living and traveling in our 1983 Bus

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We wanted to wake up to live a life that We love, every. single. day. But We were FAR from doing that. We had “responsibilities”, trying to live up to the “American Dream”. We had the big house, nice cars, successful small business, and a large property in Florida. But we weren’t truly happy.

Being Fulltime was always a “bucket list” dream that you never think is going to be possible. Something that you wish with all your heart that you could do, but know it probably won’t happen until (or if) you retire.

We had just returned from a camping trip, unloading our stuff from the RV to our house and knew in our heart, there was more to life than the 9-5 rat race every day. It was in that moment that we decided to sell the big house, downsize all of our things, remodel a bus, hit the road with our 3 kids and 4 dogs, and after over a year now, we’ve never looked back.

We do have one regret though...not doing it sooner ❤️

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