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Dustin & Jill

Family RV Caravans Jill is an experienced RVer having traveled in a RV with her family for over 8 years. Jill has traveled to every state in the US(contiguous), as well as, Alaska, Canada, and Mexico. Jill is the previous owner of Fulltime Families.

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Jill is an experienced RVer with a passion for connecting people. The Denkins family have traveled for the past 8 years in many RVs and even a sailboat. Jill along with her husband Dustin, have been involved in the RVing community hosting events, leading conferences and building resources for families during their time on the road.

Currently, Jill owns and operated Family RV Caravans, a new company focusing on families traveling together. The Denkins also own two small campgrounds, one in FL and one in Upper Michigan.

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