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Kimberly & Chris

Travel Tech RV After raising their kids on the road and laying the foundation for Fulltime Families, the Traveling Travaglino’s temporarily hung up their RV keys and sought to fill the gap of knowledgeable, fair priced, dependable RV Repair. Nestled in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, Travel Tech RV Repair is a National RV Repair Destination. Their unique Stay, Play & Repair set up allows you to enjoy all the Smoky Mountains Adventures while getting your RV repaired.

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Kimberly and Chris have been all over the place and broken all the things! As full time Rvers who launched in 2010, Chris had to come up to speed or RV repairs were going to sidetrack their adventure!

Experience has served as one of the best teachers and it wasn’t long before the Travaglino’s neighbors were knocking with their own RV repair lists.

After they stepped down from leading the Fulltime Families community, they did some soul searching and decided they would focus the next chapter of their life on God and RV repair. They have been diligently working to establish “The Outpost” in Murphy, NC, a place for the restoration of souls and RVs and have established Travel Tech RV as one of the nation's leaders in dependable, timely, accurate and friendly RV Repair companies.

With a heart firmly rooted in the RV community, the Travs continue to educate rvers, now focusing on helping fellow travelers save money and time on RV repairs.

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Kimberly & Chris

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Kimberly & Chris