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@sharee.collier, Live Camp Work Traveling family of 6, on the road for 9 years now exploring part-time travel.

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Sharee is a travel-loving digital nomad who combines a full time remote career with seasonal RV workamping jobs, and is the bestselling author of Live Camp Work: A Beginner’s Guide to Workamping. Traveling full-time with her husband, four kids and a crazy Chihuahua for 7+ years and Sharee has no plans on stopping their family adventures any time in the near future! 

Her website has grown tremendously thanks to her passion for helping fellow RVers get on the road fast with real information on RV employers that hire, suggestions on location independent careers, as well as tips on ways to earn cash on the road full-time, part-time and seasonally! Sharee has hands on experience in working seasonal RV jobs as well as being a digital nomad with a full-time remote career. Her goal is to pass on useful information that helps those interested in RVing reach their dreams fast with the fewest number of hurdles possible!

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