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Wadell & Alicia

@simoncrewonadventure, The Simon Crew on Adventure Family of 8 exploring the US in our Grand Design Momentum Tog Hauler since 2020.

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Wadell & Alicia Simon are the parents of 7 children (5 boys and 2 girls; ages 28 - 2). Married for 15 years, both had a love for travel and adventure but they were too busy with work, ministry and kid's homework & activities to go on any real vacations. After several years of praying for guidance and researching full-time travel, they took the leap to become a full-time traveling family. Within 30 days, they'd purchased and renovated their first RV, emptied their house, packed up and headed out. They've been through 10 states and spent 6 months in the beautiful state of Florida.

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